NSQH 2010

The 1st Nordic Patient Safety Conference: Patient Safety Challenges

NSQH 2010 - Patient Safety Challenges

20–21 May 2010, Saltsjøbaden, Stockholm, Sweden

Patient Safety Challenges was the theme for this Nordic Conference arranged by KTH. The aim of the conference was to inspire safety work within the health-care sector by presenting current safety research from a systems perspective. Leading and internationally renowned researchers, with experience from the health-care sector and other areas with high safety demands, participated.Exchange of information on patient safety issues, was another important aim of the conference. Rapid technological development, and changes in the health-care organizations under economical pressure, creates new risks in the medical sector. These risks need to be handled at all levels of the health-care system. Therefore, this conference was geared towards politicians and decision makers within the health-care sector, as well as representatives from academia in the Nordic Region.